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By following industry best practices and developing new and effective treatment protocols, your local Best Practice Pro is able to achieve industry-leading patient outcomes.

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Kim Fishman, MS
Kim Fishman, MS

What are best practices? 

...and why do they matter to you?
More than just hearing aids - hearing care is a treatment process

Working  with an Audiologist  that follows best practices (just like Dr. Cliff does in his clinics) is the key to a life-transforming hearing care experience. Treating hearing loss properly is complex, and requires a provider willing to invest  the time  and resources in your optimal hearing results.

Only about 20% of hearing providers follow best practices  in audiology...choosing a Best Practice Pro Provider ensures that you will receive hearing care that includes Best Practices -- leading to your best hearing in the situations and with the people that matter the most.

Why Choose Kim Fishman with HEARSTOU Audiology?

Dr. Cliff Approved

Kim Fishman has completed a thorough 1 on 1 vetting process with Dr. Cliff himself to verify that she follows Best Practices in patient care.

Top Hearing Technology

As an independent Private Practice Audiologist, Kim will hand-pick the best hearing technology available for your unique needs.

5 Star Service

HEARSTOU Audiology is consistently one the highest rated hearing practices in the Twin Cities for a reason - our #1 focus is your experience! You're in great hands with our team!

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Kim Fishman, MS

Kim Fishman has been practicing audiology for 20 plus years in various settings, including research and academics.  In 2012, she started her own practice as she was inspired to help people with their hearing needs using a different practice model than what was dictated, and with best practices.    Kim has a sensitivity, friendliness, compassion, empathy about her, and with the knowledge, experience and education there is a perfect combination for helping those who suffer with hearing loss and any ear anomalies.   Kim has a following and repeat patients and referrals over the years.  Some of her patients come from her previous clinics when she worked for ENT doctors or other corporate owned clinics, distant areas including Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, California, Arizona, Florida and rural regions in Minnesota.    Many patient’s say that they consider Kim part of their family and a friend.  She treats her patients as part of her family as well.

When asked why she would want to be in Dr. Cliff’s network, she said that was a good question with a simple answer.  “Because Dr. Cliff understands what she too has understood from long ago, that people don’t know what to do and who to listen to and need to be educated on what is important in reaching out and getting hearing help.”   In every field there is confusion, and like in every field, there are many solutions and many type of practitioners.  Kim believes that Dr. Cliff is right in educating the consumer.  Kim writes blogs to educate, she said, although the videos are easier for patients to find.  Dr. Cliff has done a great job in educating and helping the consumer.  A video not only shares what features are in a product, and what is the difference with a warehouse and a private practitioner for example, but talks about best practices, real ear measures and getting what is needed.  No need to pay for something that is not needed.  

Kim Fishman is a true advocate for the person with hearing loss.   She works with the community around her to help facilitate those needs to include but not limited to Hearing loops and other assisted listening devices, noise exposure areas, hearing protection rights, insurance benefits, committees on aging and hearing loss, and her local audiology chapter.  She keeps up on current research topics, education and trainings, seminars, and conferences.  And mostly, Kim listens to her patients.  

At Kim’s Hears to U Audiology, Hearing & Hearables clinic now in Hopkins, MN, they welcomes people to come in and take a listen, find their sound, share their experiences, and feel comfortable in the multi-faceted coffee-house style clinic.  Where everyone hears your name!   Cheers to all that!

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