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Nicole Smith, AuD

Nicole Smith, AuD

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Everclear Hearing

2215 E Clairemont Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Everclear Hearing

Everclear Hearing

Everclear Hearing

Everclear Hearing


Dr. Nicole Smith is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is fully licensed by the state of Wisconsin to provide comprehensive audiological and hearing aid services. She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss. From clinical diagnostic work to helping patients understand hearing loss and its effects, in all aspects of her work Dr. Smith strives for top-quality patient care.

Dr. Nicole Smith was awarded her Doctorate of Audiology by UW-Stevens Point and UW-Madison consortium program. Dr. Smith has prior experience at Sacred Heart Hospital of Eau Claire, DeFatta ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery in Eau Claire, and is also an educational audiologist through CESA 10 of Chippewa Falls. She has experience diagnosing and treating hearing loss for all ages and stages of life.

Dr. Smith’s interests include central auditory processing disorders (CAPD), evidence based hearing aid fittings, aural rehabilitation, and tinnitus. She is a member of WSHA (Wisconsin Speech-Hearing Association), ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association), AAA (American Academy of Audiology), and TPA (Tinnitus Practitioners Association).

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Disclaimer: The providers in the Dr. Cliff AuD Approved Provider Network have committed to following the Dr. Cliff AuD Best Practice Checklists as well as several additional criteria to ensure the best interests of individuals with hearing impairment are being taken into account.  After meeting the requirements for approval, providers pay a fee to be listed in the Network.  While the purpose of the Network is to help consumers find a high-quality hearing healthcare provider, it does not guarantee treatment satisfaction.  It is also worth noting that there are many outstanding hearing healthcare providers throughout the world who are not part of the Dr. Cliff AuD Approved Provider Network.

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