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Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids Safe?

Dr. Cliff Olson
January 6, 2019
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Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids Safe?

Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids Safe or Dangerous? Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions, discusses if Bluetooth Hearing Aids are Safe or Not.

Video Transcript

I receive a lot of questions and comments regarding the overall safety of using Bluetooth Hearing Aids since they sit next to your head for 8-16 hours per day.  However, to determine if hearing aids are bad for your health, we must first understand what Bluetooth is.  First, Bluetooth is simply a radio frequency.  

Specifically, a 2.4 GHz radio frequency.  This radio  frequency is what allows your hearing aids to communicate with other electronic devices such as a Tablet, Smartphone, or Computer.

Second, we need to understand what type of radiation that Bluetooth hearing aids emit.Bluetooth Radio Waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation, and there are two types of electromagnetic radiation.1. Ionizing Radiation - This radiation is given by X-rays, Radon, and Cosmic Rays.  

Exposure to this type of radiation can be dangerous.  X-rays for example, can increase your risk of cancer.  Ionizing radiation carries enough energy to separate electrons from atoms which is extremely bad for your health.

2. Non-Ionizing Radiation - This radiation is given off by Wifi devices and Bluetooth devices.  Exposure to this type of radiation is not dangerous.  Non-ionizing radiation does not have enough energy to separate electrons from atoms.  Therefore, it doesn't even pose a minor threat to your health.  

Furthermore, the only recognized biological effect of non-ionizing radiation is a heating effect.  If the radio frequency energy was high enough, it may increase your risk of burn.  

However, it is unlikely that a hearing aid would ever get hot enough to cause even a localized temperature increase behind or in your ear.Studies have also shown that Cell Phones create a significantly higher amount of non-ionizing radiation than hearing aids and it isn't even close.  Studies into non-ionizing radiation from Bluetooth is still ongoing, but continues to show that it does not pose a health risk.  

However, if you still feel that you are at risk for negative health effects from Bluetooth hearing aids, I highly suggest you also get rid of your cellphone, and any other electronic device you have in your presence, because they would pose a significantly higher risk than any Bluetooth hearing aid.

Dr. Cliff Olson
Audiologist & YouTuber

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Dr. Cliff Olson

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