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Audeara A-01 Customizable Headphone Review | Beyond Kickstarter

By: Dr Cliff Olson
January 28, 2019
Video Transcript

Audeara Headphones:


‚ÄćCustomizing the audio of your headphones seems to be the way of the future and one of the companies leading the way with this customization is the Australian company Audeara. ¬†Audeara was backed by over 1,500 supporters and generated over $300,000 on Kickstarter for their revolutionary customizable headphones. ¬†For individuals with or without hearing loss, customization seems to be what they are looking for. ¬†

The Audeara A-01 headphones work by connecting to your smart device and testing your hearing inside of the Audeara App.  They then take this hearing threshold data to create a customized hearing profile.  The result...a better sounding headphone.  The hearing test comes in 3 different forms.  The Standard test (8 frequencies tested), the High Detail test (16 frequencies), and the Ultimate Precision test (32 frequencies).  The first two test from 100 Hz - 16,000 Hz and the Ultimate Precision tests from 100 Hz - 20,000 Hz.  If you care about precision, then taking the 10+ minute test will be worth it.  You then upload these customizations to the headphones and select how much of it you want to use from 0% to 100%, in 25% increments.

So does it work?  Yes, music becomes more distinct and the vocal elements separate from the musical instruments.  This customization is stored inside the headphones so you can connect to whatever devices you want.Let's look at some other things that are worth noting with the Audeara headphones.  1. Build quality - The Audeara A-01 headphones appear to be very similar in build quality with the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones.  It almost appears as if they could have been made in the same factory.2. Bluetooth connection - The Bluetooth connection was strong with these devices.  They did become intermittent while working at the gym, but this is to be expected with any Bluetooth devices.3. Noise Cancellation - AKA Noise Reduction.  

There is passive noise reduction caused by the physical barrier of the earphone.  Then you have Active Noise Reduction which is what the Audeara headphones do.  This creates an inverted soundwave that cancels out any outside noise from coming into the headphones.  This feature works as well as any other product I have tested.4. Battery life - You can get up to 65 hours if you use the audio jack to connect to your device.  45 hours if you use Bluetooth without Active Noise Cancellation, and 35 hours if you use Bluetooth with Active Noise Cancellation.  The Audeara Headphones are good headphones, but there are some things that concern me.

1. Headphone size - I have a small head, but I would be concerned that the headphones wouldn't adjust large enough for someone with a large head.

2. Low-Frequency Bass - One thing you should expect from over the ear headphones is Bass.  

However, the Audeara A-01 headphones fall flat.  Even with customization they do not produce any Bass.  So if you like a lot of Bass with your music, the Audeara headphones are not for you.  Concerns aside, the A-01 Headphones are impressive and will likely lead to a growing trend of audio customization.  So if you are in the market for a new pair of headphones that can customize your audio, join the 1,500 kickstarter backers and grab yourself a set of Audeara Headphones.

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