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Aumeo Headphone Personalizer Review | Aumeo Customize Music App Review

Dr. Cliff Olson
March 23, 2018
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Aumeo Headphone Personalizer Review | Aumeo Customize Music App Review

Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Arizona reviews the Aumeo Audio Headphone Personalizer and Custom Music App.

Video Transcript

Aumeo Headphone Personalizer:

If you have a hearing loss, you know it can dramatically affect your ability to appreciate music.Now the best way to solve this problem is to stream music to hearing aids  that have been programmed precisely to your hearing loss prescription.  But what if you only have hearing loss in one ear?  Or don’t want to wear your hearing aids while working out?  

In these cases, you need an option to listen to your music through traditional headphones.

Let me explain how it works.

First:  You charge the Aumeo device and you pair it to your Bluetooth device

Second:  You plug in your headphones and take a hearing test inside of the Aumeo App Tests 8 different frequencies.  It’s basically an 8 band equalizer that allows you to control what frequencies need more volume compared to others.  It appears to be generally accurate to my hearing loss as indicated on an audiogram.

Third: Either listen to music by plugging the Aumeo into your audio device or Bluetooth

So now that you know how it works,  lets discuss the pros and cons of the Aumeo.

Pro#1. It actually worksWhile I coulnd’t tell a difference with my personalized sound profile, I’ve tried a bunch of different audio profiles and they all sound distinctly different.  It definitely allows for customization

Pro #2.  Works even if you don’t have a hearing loss.The sound quality of my skull Candy earphones and my Apple EarPods are not very good.  I often want more bass when listening to my music.  I can trick the app by saying I have a low frequency hearing loss and it will provide me with more bass which I greatly appreciate.  So even if you don’t have a hearing loss, you can customize the way you hear sound through your headphones.

Pro #3.  You can still make and receive calls.  When checking the Bluetooth settings, you can toggle this feature off or leave it on. Just answer your calls like you normally would

Pro #4. It lets you use your existing wired headphones

You aren’t forced to purchase new headphones if you already use wired ones. I like how they keep the Aumeo separate from the headphones so you can wear what you already like.

But it’s not all great, I do think there are a few cons to this device

Con#1.  You need to wear wired headphones

I love my Bragi Bluetooth headphones and my iQBuds.  Problem is, the Aumeo only Bluetooth connects to my phone, not my Bluetooth earphones.  I hate wires when I’m working out, they just get in the way, but if you really crave high quality sound, you are probably using over the ear wired headphones to get the best sound quality possible so this may not be a con for you.

Con#2. The Bluetooth signal is weak

I like to stream music from my phone at the gym and walk away from it.  You can’t get very far away without having a bad Bluetooth connection.  When I use it, I need to plug it into the headphone jack of my phone directly

Con#3. You can’t adjust the equalizer while listening to musicYou have to make an adjustment, apply it, then listen to music to see if it is better.  It would be way easier to listen to music as you are adjusting volume at different frequency bands.  

Overall, I think the Aumeo is a terrific product that definitely solves a very specific problem.  Improving the sound quality of music by accounting for individual hearing differences. While the device might be intended for individuals with hearing loss, it could definitely be used if you have normal hearing but want to adjust the volume of specific frequencies.

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