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Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids In 2018! | Hearing Aid Reviews

Dr. Cliff Olson
January 7, 2018
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Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids In 2018! | Hearing Aid Reviews

Dr. Clifford Olson, from Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses the best Rechargeable Hearing aids in 2018.

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Hearing aids are becoming more and more advanced and 2018 will be the year for rechargeable hearing aids.  Technology has advanced from Nickel-Metal-Hydride rechargeable batteries to Silver-Zinc rechargeable batteries to Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries.Nickel-Metal-Hydride have been used for a while, but with issues of low-battery life, long recharge times, and low battery life expectancy, the search for better rechargeable options was on.  

Silver-Zinc rechargeable batteries from the company Z-Power introduced a battery that had better battery life and lower recharge times compared to its Nickel-Metal-Hydride predecessor, but still had issues of low life expectancy.  Enter Lithium-Ion rechargeable hearing aid batteries.

Now, hearing aid users can get a full days worth of battery life that includes streaming.  These batteries charge quickly and last around 4 years before needing to be replaced.  They truly are the hearing aid batteries of the future.Best Hearing Aids going into 2018?4. Starkey Muse Rechargeable - Uses the Silver-Zinc Z-Power battery kit.  Decent battery life, but it isn't their HALO devices that work directly with iPhones.  (Starkey did just announce a Lithium-ion Muse aid that will becoming out in 2018!  They tout 30 hours of battery life and compatibility with CROS)

#3. Resound LiNX 3D - Uses the Silver-Zinc Z-Power battery kit. Works with LiNX 961/761/651 models (all compatible with iPhone).  Battery life isn't great if you stream TV, Calls, or Music.  

#2. Oticon OPN Rechargeable - Uses the Silver-Zinc Z-Power battery kit. Great hearing aid made better with recharging capabilities.  Battery life struggles if you stream several hours through your iPhone or TV streamer.  

#1. Tie between the Phonak Audeo BR and Bolero B PR - Both devices use Lithium-ion technology.  24 hours of battery life and only 30 minutes to charge the device for 6 hours of additional use, 3 hours for a full charge.  Has great charging accessories such as a power pack for easy travel charging.  

Few drawbacks are you can't use a disposable battery if you are in a pinch, and you need to use the push button to turn it on which can be tough if you have bad finger dexterity.

As always, make sure you have your devices Fit & Programmed properly using Real Ear Measures to maximize the performance of your new Rechargeable Hearing Aids.  Watch my video about Real Ear Measures -

Dr. Cliff Olson
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Dr. Cliff Olson

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