How to Find The Best DEAL on Hearing Aids

Dr. Cliff Olson
March 4, 2019
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How to Find The Best DEAL on Hearing Aids

How to Find The Best DEAL on Hearing Aids. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem Arizona, discusses 4 ways to find a deal on hearing aids.

Video Transcript

Searching for hearing aids online can be extremely difficult.  Particularly because you never really know what you are going to get.  However, if you are trying to find a good deal on hearing aids, you do have several options.  

Option #1.  Going on Ebay

Ebay is an auction style website that people can buy and sell used products.  Hearing aids are one of those products and you can generally get older hearing aid technology for a very low price.  However, you need to beware of buying hearing aids on Ebay.  Hearing aids purchased on Ebay can be stolen, counterfeit, or non-functioning.  While you are protected by the Ebay Buyer Protection, sometimes the headaches and uncertainty of Ebay just aren't worth it.  

You  also need to make sure that you have a local clinic that can program these hearing aids for you.  Some clinics have strict policies against working with technology purchased online.  So before you Hearing Aids on Ebay, make sure you obtain the Brand and Model of those hearing aids, as well as Serial Numbers and call your local clinic to ensure they can work with those devices.  

Option #2. Google hearing aid clinics near you call every single one of them.

A Quick Google Search will likely reveal a decent number of Hearing Aid Clinics in your area.  Some of them will likely offer low cost hearing aid options.  This is a very time consuming endeavor, and some clinics won’t reveal pricing information over the phone, because unless you know the exact make & model of the hearing aid that you think you need, they don’t have enough information about you and your hearing loss needs to give you an accurate estimate.  

You also run the risk of going to a clinic because of the low price, only to find out that they do not perform best practices, like Real Ear Measurement, which will leave you with low cost hearing aids that don’t actually improve your hearing.  

Option #3. Call an online referral company.

Online referral companies like and will put you in contact with a local hearing aid provider who will give you a good deal on hearing aids.  The problem is that good deal will come at a price.

When you call these companies they put you in contact with a clinic in their network.  However, only clinics in the network will be given to you as an option and can be extremely restrictive.  You also have no idea if the clinic that you go to will follow best practices or not.  Since even expensive hearing aids  don't work unless they are programmed correctly, you could end up with a cheap pair of devices that don't actually work well for you.

Option #4.  Use the local deals finder.  

The Hearing Tracker deals finder will tell you about hearing aid deals in your area on name brand hearing aids.  The deals will tell you Brand and Model of devices, Price for a set of hearing aids, Year of Warranty and Loss & Damage, and how much Follow-up care is included.  When you unlock the deal you will receive a call or email from that clinic.  While many of these deals are from anonymous clinics, the filtering feature allows you to sort the deals by Distance, Price, Recently reviewed, Latest Products, Most reviews, & Highest Score.  You can also filter by if the clinic provides Real Ear Measures and if they have a Doctor of Audiology on staff.  It doesn’t matter how good of a price you receive on hearing aids, if you want those hearing aids to actually work their best, Real Ear Measurement is one of those non-negotiable must haves.  

If you have a complex case of hearing loss or other ear related conditions, it may be in your best interest to see a Doctor of Audiology for hearing aid treatment.While these features do improve your odds of finding a good deal on hearing aids, there are still risks associated with this method.  First, just because you find a good deal on hearing aids, it doesn't mean that the hearing aids you found the deal on will be the right devices for you.  You could end up paying full price for the hearing aids if you require a different make or model.

Second, just because you may see a Doctor of Audiology who performs Real Ear Measures, it doesn't mean that they follow other best practices as well.  Overall, finding a hearing aid deal online isn't impossible, but it does take some work.  Just remember, you can either have the Best Price on hearing aids or the Best Quality & Service, but you almost always can't have both.

Dr. Cliff Olson
Audiologist & YouTuber

Dr. Cliff is an unwavering supporter of Hearing Aid Best Practices and advocate for individuals with hearing loss, which inspired him to develop the Dr. Cliff Approved Provider Network.

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Dr. Cliff Olson

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