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Is NANO Advanced Hearing Technology the BIGGEST Hearing Aid SCAM in the Industry? Website Review

By: Dr Cliff Olson
March 23, 2019
Video Transcript

*The information presented in this video is my own opinion.  My content is intended to provide information that is of value to the public on issues of public concern.  I did not receive any compensation for this video.

*Nano has updated its website since the screen capture in this video was taken.

Nano Advanced Hearing Technology talks a big game in their marketing and since the nearly identical comparison review of their Nano Hearing Aid with a cheap Alibaba Amplifier: , it seems as though their marketing claims are too good to be true.  A review of the Nano Advanced Hearing Technology Website in October of 2018 revealed a number of lies and sensationalized information.  

Nano is an online hearing aid company that sells cheap hearing amplifiers and claims that they are every bit as good as an actual hearing aid.

However, almost everything on their website is misleading.  From claims of their hearing aids being right for "98.7%" of individuals with hearing loss to the over 3,000 FAKE reviews, nothing on their website seems to be truthful.

See the NANO vs Cheap Alibaba Amplifier Comparison video here:

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