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Phonak Audeo BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid - Hearing Aid Reviews

Dr. Cliff Olson
January 10, 2018
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Phonak Audeo BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid - Hearing Aid Reviews

Clifford Olson, Doctor of Audiology, and founder of Applied Hearing solutions in Anthem Arizona, reviews the Phonak Audeo BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid in this Hearing Aids Review.

Video Transcript indicated in a survey that 70% of hearing aid users would prefer a rechargeable hearing aid.  All 6 Major manufacturers have developed a rechargeable hearing aid option.  However, Phonak has taken it a step further.

The Phonak Audeo BR hearing aid uses Lithium Ion rechargeable battery technology instead of Nickel Metal Hydride or Silver Zinc batteries.  


1. Battery Life - 24 hours on one charge leads the industry

2. Quick Charging - 6 hours of battery life on a 30 minute charge

3. Charger Accessories - The charger has the ability to double as a hearing aid dehydrator, and also has a power pack that you can travel with for 7 additional charges.

4. Works with other Phonak Accessories - If you have a ComPilot 2, TvLink 2, or a Roger Pen, you can still use them with these devices.

5. Lifespan of Lithium Batteries - Lithium Ion Batteries last 4 years as opposed to 1 year for other rechargeable options.6. Sleek Design - If you want a sleek looking hearing aid, this is your device.


1. On/Off Button - You have to turn the device on when taking it out of the charger.  If you want rechargeable so you don't have to fumble with batteries,  having to press a button doesn't help.  

2. Can't use disposable - If you run out of battery while at dinner, you can't use disposable batteries.  Either recharge or nothing.

3. Thickness - These devices are a little thicker so if you don't have enough space behind your ears, it could be a problem.

Remember to make sure that you receive Real Ear Measures with any hearing aid you get.

Dr. Cliff Olson
Audiologist & YouTuber

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Dr. Cliff Olson

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