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The #1 RISK of Treating Hearing Loss with Hearing Aids

By: Dr Cliff Olson
February 22, 2019
Video Transcript

Humans are phychologically hardwired to avoid risk.  In human psychology, this is called Risk Aversion.  It is precisely the reason why I don't gamble.  The risk of losing money is not worth the satisfaction that  I would receive by potentially winning a lot of money.  Risk Aversion is alive an well in many areas of our lives.  It is the reason why we stay in relationships that do not work.

It is the reason why we stay at jobs that we do not like.  It is also the reason why we don't try new things like a new hairstyle because we are worried that people will make fun of us.  It is also the reason why every once in a while, a new patient with an obvious hearing loss and significant hearing difficulty, doesn't want to get hearing aids.

They way they see it, the Risk of pursuing hearing treatment is greater than the potential reward of hearing again.Naturally, these individuals are worried about the potential risk of losing Money, Time, and Social Status.However, none of these are the single biggest risk of using Hearing Aids to treat their hearing loss.  NOPE, the biggest thing that you risk is ever being able to go without hearing aids ever again.Let me explain.  On a Friday night at the gym, I received a Facebook message from a patient of mine who's hearing aids weren't working.  

After troubleshooting and fixing the problem, the patient was extremely relieved.  Even making the comment "I'm beginning to realize how important they are!!!".  Just to give you an idea.  This is a patient who was originally reluctant to wear hearing aids.  She didn't feel that the risk was worth the reward.  Now, she can't fathom the idea of going even a few hours without her hearing aids.  This type of thing happens all the time.  

Patients first resist the idea of wearing hearing aids only to realize just how rewarding it actually is to hear again.  Now I realize that the Risks associated with treating your hearing loss are nothing compared to Risk of gambling.  It isn't like we are flipping a coin to see if hearing aid treatment will work for you.  The amount of benefit you receive is controllable.

If your hearing care provider uses best practices, like Real Ear Measurement to ensure your hearing aids are programmed properly, then you will receive a substantial amount of benefit from hearing aids.  If you have these Best Practice procedures done, you won't be RISKING money, time, or social status, you WILL be RISKING the ability to ever go without hearing aids ever again.

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