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The Cure For Hearing Loss | Part 1 - Things That Will NOT Cure Hearing Loss

By: Dr Cliff Olson
May 12, 2018
Video Transcript

Hearing Loss has reached epidemic proportions with over 466 million people world-wide having some form of disabling hearing loss.  While there are treatments for nearly every type of hearing loss, researchers are hard at work to find a cure.Over 90% of hearing losses occur due to the death of Inner (IHC) and Outer (OHC) Hair Cells.  If these Hair Cell cells could be regenerated or re-grown, it would cure the vast majority of hearing losses.  However, lets discuss what are NOT cures for hearing loss despite all the hype surrounding them.

#1. At home remedies - Mixing olive oil and spices and pouring them into your ear canal will NOT cure hearing loss.  These remedies cannot even get past your ear canal which means they will never make contact with your inner ear to reach your Hair Cells.  Even if they did, they would still not have an impact on your hearing.  Pouring these concoctions into your ear canal is just asking for an infection and to have your ears professionally cleaned out.

#2. Supplements - While supplements can be good for overall health, they will NOT cure your hearing loss.  None of these products have research supporting them despite their ridiculous claims to cure your hearing loss.

#3. Accupressure or Massage - I'm a former massage therapist and value the healing effects of massage and bodywork.  However, hearing loss is not a muscular issue.  There is no science that validates Accupressure or Massage as having any impact on hearing loss what-so-ever.

There is good news though.Research has identified that birds can regrow dead Hair Cells.  They have also identified that humans have tissues that can regenerate such as liver tissue and intestinal tissue.  

Researchers hope that by combining these two aspects of re-growth and regeneration, that they will be able to re-grow human Hair Cells inside the ear.  A company named Decibel Therapeutics has already made some impressive advances in this area, but if you want to learn more about their progress, you'll have to wait until Part 2 of this series: The Cure For Hearing Loss.

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