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What's NEW with Hearing & Hearing Aids in 2020?

By: Dr Cliff Olson
December 31, 2019
Video Transcript

2019 was a great year, but it was nothing when you compare it to what will come in 2020.  These are the reasons why I'm so excited about 2020:1. Smartphone Apps - Manufacturers continue to improve the functionality of their smartphone apps.  Expect this trend to continue as consumers pine for more ability to self-adjust their own devices.2. Rechargeable aids to overtake disposable battery hearing aids - Rechargeable is starting to assert it's dominance over disposable battery hearing aids.  I expect Rechargeable devices to improve and possibly have legitimate rechargeable ITE devices in 2020. If we're lucky, we'll see Widex release their Fuel Cell technology that charges in 20 seconds instead of 3 hours for lithium rechargeable technology.3. Over The Counter (OTC) Guidelines from the FDA - The FDA was supposed to release initial guidelines for OTC hearing aids, however this was postponed to early 2020.  Following a 180 comment period, expect to see OTC take effect in 2020.4. Hair Cell Regeneration - Decibel Therapeutic's FX-322 drug, designed to restore hearing, was fast tracked by the FDA in 2019.  Expect to see data from their clinical trial in late 2020.5. Consumers demanding a higher level of hearing care - The hearing aid industry deserves all the heat that it gets from consumers.  The fact is, not many hearing care providers follow Best Practices to ensure individuals with hearing loss maximize their performance with hearing aids.  However, if individuals with hearing loss continue to settle for sub-par hearing care, this problem will continue.  This is why I created the Dr. Cliff AuD Approved Provider Network.  These are providers who have committed to following Best Practices and have committed to acting in the best interests of their patients.  To find a provider near you, go to https://DrCliffAuD.com.  If you don't have a provider near you, print off the Best Practice Checklists and take them into a provider in your local area to ensure they check all the boxes.

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