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Yanny Laurel Original vs. The McGurk Effect | Does Vision Impact What You Hear? 👂

By: Dr Cliff Olson
May 18, 2018
Video Transcript

The Yanny vs. Laurel sound clip is the craziest thing on the internet since the "what color is the dress" photo back in 2015.  But how could your vision change what you hear?The McGurk effect is an auditory phenomenon that occurs when your vision changes what you hear, even though the sound hasn't changed.  This is easily demonstrated by seeing and hearing someone say "Ba, Ba, Ba".  

However, when you keep the same "Ba, Ba, Ba", but change the visual to look like "Fa, Fa, Fa", then you actually hear "Fa, Fa, Fa".  So I decided to do this with Yanny and Laurel.  What you will hear is the EXACT same audio clip, just with different mouth movements.  Do you HEAR Yanny when you SEE Yanny?  Do you HEAR Laurel when you SEE Laurel?  If you do, you are experiencing the McGurk Effect.  Let me know if you are experiencing the McGurk Effect in the comments below!

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