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How to join Dr Cliff AuD's Best Practice Pro Provider Network

I developed the Best Practice Pro Provider Network as a way to help consumers find Hearing Care Professionals who are committed to providing only the highest level of hearing care to their patients.

Gaining entry into the Network is NOT as simple as completing an application.

Entry into the Network requires completion of the Best Practice Pro Provider Webinar, to learn my Best Practice requirements, and a series of other criteria to ensure that you only provide the highest level of patient care possible.  

Once all requirements have been met, you will have an interview with me, Dr. Cliff Olson, to determine if you would be a good fit for the Network. As a an approved provider, you will receive direct referrals from me and from my website DrCliffAuD.com.  Providers in the Network will also be promoted on my media platforms so consumers can easily find YOU!
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