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By following industry best practices and developing new and effective treatment protocols, your local Best Practice Pro is able to achieve industry-leading patient outcomes.

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Maryann McCullough Nikander, AuD
Maryann McCullough Nikander, AuD

What are best practices? 

...and why do they matter to you?
More than just hearing aids - hearing care is a treatment process

Working  with an Audiologist  that follows best practices (just like Dr. Cliff does in his clinics) is the key to a life-transforming hearing care experience. Treating hearing loss properly is complex, and requires a provider willing to invest  the time  and resources in your optimal hearing results.

Only about 20% of hearing providers follow best practices  in audiology...choosing a Best Practice Pro Provider ensures that you will receive hearing care that includes Best Practices -- leading to your best hearing in the situations and with the people that matter the most.

Why Choose Dr. Maryann McCullough Nikander with Audiology & Hearing Aid Center?

Dr. Cliff Approved

Dr. Maryann McCullough Nikander has completed a thorough 1 on 1 vetting process with Dr. Cliff himself to verify that she follows best practices in patient care.

Top Hearing Technology

As an independent Private Practice Audiologist, Dr. Maryann McCullough Nikander will hand-pick the best hearing technology available for your unique needs.

5 Star Service

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is consistently the most highly rated hearing practice in Warminster for a reason -- our #1 focus is your experience! You're in great hands with our team!

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Maryann McCullough Nikander, AuD

Dr. Maryann McCullough Nikander, Au.D. is a board certified audiologist with 33 years of audiology experience, including time spent as an instructor for Temple University’s master’s degree program. The majority of her experience, however, has been devoted to helping her patients hear better through compassionate, individualized care.

Maryann is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology, and the American Academy of Doctors of Audiology, in addition to being certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She had the pleasure of serving as the 2019 President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology.

Maryann’s educational experience includes a Doctorate in Audiology from Salus University, a Master of Arts degree from Temple University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

In addition to Maryann’s impressive experience, she’s also known by her patients as outgoing, funny, and caring. Just ask her and she’ll tell you all about her latest hiking trip, her outdoor adventures, or her upcoming travel plans with her husband and six children.

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