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Seminar - Common MYTHS About Hearing Loss

By: Dr Cliff Olson
October 23, 2017
Video Transcript

The Hearing industry is littered with myths about hearing loss and your treatment options.  Dr. Cliff Olson dispels 6 of these myths at a seminar in Anthem Arizona.

‍2:58 - Myth #1 - If you can "hear", you don't have a hearing loss.

‍3:52 - Myth #2 - Only one time in Loud Noise won't cause hearing loss.

‍5:42 - Myth #3 - Hearing Loss only Affects Communication

‍7:40 - Myth #4 - Hearing Aids cost over $3,000 a piece

‍10:00 - Myth #5 - Tinnitus (ringing of the ear) is never serious

‍11:39 - Myth #6 - The newest hearing aid will always help you hear better

‍15:37 - Questions & Answers

Dr Cliff's Thoughts

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