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Phonak Naida B Hearing Aid | Hearing Aids Review

By: Dr Cliff Olson
August 15, 2018
Video Transcript

There are a few key features that are extremely important for Power Hearing Aids.  These include the amount of amplification that can be generated, availability of wireless accessories, and durability.  The Phonak Naida B line of devices have all three.  The Naida B is the 5th generation of power devices from Phonak and their experience shows.  Lets get into why the Phonak Naida B devices are some of my favorite hearing aids to fit.1.

They have several different power and style options.  The Naida B R is the rechargeable version.  It is almost identical to the Audeo B R devices and can be paired with either a Standard Receiver, Power Receiver, or Super Power Receiver.  The Naida SP is the Super Power version that uses a power slim tube or standard size 13 tube with ear mold.  It also uses a size 13 battery.  

The Naida UP is the Ultra-Power version of these power devices.  It has the most power of the 3 versions and uses a size 675 battery for weeks worth of battery life.  2. They can directly connect to the best wireless devices in the industry. With integrated Roger receivers, you can gain access to the Phonak Roger devices to cut through background noise to improve speech understanding by 62% in a noisy situation.3. They are as Durable as they get.  With an IP68 rating, they have the highest amount of dust resistance and moisture resistance possible.  They can with stand a dust chamber for 1 hour without penetration, and submersion in a meter of water without penetration.  Basically, they can handle anything that you can throw at them.

Overall, the Phonak Naida B hearing aids are terrific!   Now if they could just make them connect directly to a smartphone, there wouldn't be any reason to use a power device from any other manufacturer.  Just remember, even the best hearing aids aren't any good unless you've had them fit with Real Ear Measurement.  If you don't know what Real Ear Measurement is, watch my video here:

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