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Sam's Club Hearing Centers Closed | What Should You Do Next?

By: Dr Cliff Olson
January 14, 2018
Video Transcript

Option #1 - Travel to the next closest Sam's Club location.

Even though you may have to travel a long distance, you could just go to the next closest Sam's Club.  Just know that hundreds or even thousands of hearing aid users will be doing the same thing.  

Option #2 - Take your Sam's Club hearing aids into an actual Hearing Aid Clinic.

Most Hearing Clinics will service hearing aids, even if they didn't sell them to you.  You just have to find a clinic who is willing to do this for you.  To find a clinic near you, check out

Option #3 - Buy new Hearing Aids

Don't rush into this option if your aids are still working well.  But now is the best time to educate yourself about hearing aid technology and the things that maximize benefit with hearing aids.  Make sure the place you go to uses Real Ear Measures.  Not sure what Real Ear Measures are?  Watch this video:

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