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First Fashion Hearing Aid EVER! | Signia Styletto Hearing Aid

By: Dr Cliff Olson
August 27, 2018
Video Transcript

Over the years, eyeglasses have went from a medical device that nobody wanted to wear, now individuals are wearing eyeglasses even if they don't have vision loss.  The same thing is starting to happen with hearing aids.  Signia released the Styletto Hearing Aids on August 27th, and they are truly the first Made For Fashion Hearing Aids on the market.With their slim and sleek design, they really are a completely new type or hearing aid.  

They come in three colors:1. White and Gold2. Navy and Gold3. Grey and Brushed NickelThese hearing aids use lithium technology so they don't have to be the sames size as a traditional hearing aid that uses button cell batteries.They provide a full days use on one charge and they come with a battery pack that is smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  This pack will give you up to 3 additional charges without plugging it into a power outlet.The Styletto is also on the Signia Nx Platform so you get many of the same features in this hearing aid.  It doesn't have Bluetooth wireless capability, but it can use the TouchControl App.

It doesn't have room for buttons or volume control so if you want to make adjustments, it does require the app.The Signia Styletto Hearing Aid is truly impressive.  Just remember, no matter how good your hearing aid is, no hearing aid performs its best without having Real Ear Measurement performed on them.  If you want to learn more about Real Ear Measurement, check out my video here: is one major flaw of the Styletto Hearing Aid though.  If you are the type of person that likes to match every outfit, you might have to buy more than one pair.  😀

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